We will be closed both Thursday and Friday (the 26th and 27th).
We are only taking online orders Wednesday the 25th.

Time to Give Thanks

Thanksgiving Sugar Cookies from The Able Baker

We’ll keep baking after we fill our orders, and make extras available here. (Pies often come with a built-in lead time, when there’s a queue at the oven.)

Saturday the 21st is the last day to order/pick up a cake. The next time you can order a cake is after Thanksgiving, Saturday 11/28 for afternoon pickup. We are not baking cakes the week of Thanksgiving, to make room for pies.

We’re grateful to all of you for sharing your holidays with us.
Happy Thanksgiving.

The Importance of Masks

Pretend everyone you see is smoking. Now try to avoid breathing their exhaled “smoke.”

Please wear a mask.

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