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Able Baker Julie

10 years ago, I sent an email to 35 people. They shared, cheered, promoted and ordered. Every single one of my customers for that first year came from this list, one way or another. Lucky for me, I was in this amazing community, surrounded by a wildly talented Team Butter (past and present). I am forever grateful to this group of girl scout moms, neighbors, friends, PTA-ers, family, and 3 au pairs. I’ve told this story hundreds of times, and it never gets old. Many thanks.

Kim Murray Vivenzio. Penelope Brackett. Kim Mckay. Ann McKay Thoroman. Krista Ross. Saskia Marpert. Carina Beckmann. Evelyn Ford. Suzanne Holt. Shauna Brice. Ella Pauly. Julia Stasius. Annetta Hanna. Shawn McCarthy. Stephanie Kemp. Sue Howson. Thomas Pauly. Randy Rabney. Fran Lichtman. Mariela Dybner. Sandra Charlap. Pam Bard. Sue Kaplan. Margaret Gray. Angie Hahr. Sangeeta Rao. Joanna Fanuele. Claire Stewart. Dana Longstreet. Holly McGhee. Ann O’Malley. Ginger McNally. Lara Pennington. Lora Tazewell. Bruce Lyons.

The Email that Started it All.