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Women in Our Kitchen

The significance of chance has been on my mind lately. And of women (their significance, that is). There are 16 amazing ones working in our kitchen. They average 3½ years each at Able.

Restaurant owner, pastry chef, bread baker, home baker, professional baker, artist, culinary school intern, pastry school grad. Three started at the counter, but kept sneaking back to the kitchen and stayed there. Nearly all of them wandered through the door one day or another, not in response to a job posting or help wanted sign. They just walked in, these amazing women, just when we needed them most. As if by chance.

We all work in this tiny kitchen and, in another stroke of luck, we like working together. (Do you know how great it is to work with people whose company you truly enjoy?) As we say goodbye to one of these amazing women, I remember a chance encounter on Baker Street, in the pre-dawn hours best suited for bakers and yoga instructors. “You know,” she said, “I would love to come in early and bake.”

How lucky am I?
Able Baker Julie