On baking for Passover.

Dessert Table

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Coffee Pecan Torte ( 9")   $25
Ground pecans, espresso, sugar and eggs make a luscious sponge cake.
Please choose between a dusting with powdered sugar (dairy-free) or a slather of coffee whipped cream. Gluten free. Serves 8.
Macaroons Assorted   $18/dz
Chewy and loaded with coconut, this year's box is assorted! 3 flavors to grace the holiday table and fill the cookie jar for the week. Classic vanilla, chocolate-dipped, and filled with raspberry jam. Gluten free. Serves 12.
Flourless Chocolate Cake
      6"  $20    9"  $30
Dense chocolate cake filled with ganache. Rich. Gluten-free. Serves 5 or 10.
  • desserts for Passover from The Able Baker
  • desserts for Passover  from The Able Baker
  • Place your orders by Wed., Apr. 20th. 973-313-1133.

I enjoy the simplicity of Passover baking. It’s not a holiday I celebrated as a kid, so when I baked my first Passover dessert (to impress my boyfriend’s family), I did my homework. That was before the days of Google, so it took some time (and lots of back issues of Bon Appetit). Eschewing flours and leavening meant you needed to buy the best of everything else, and technique mattered more than ever. Over-whipped egg whites just won’t cut it when there’s nothing else to hold up your cake in the oven.

Here at the bakery, our best seller is the flourless chocolate cake, a Passover staple and case study in simplicity. Five ingredients: chocolate, butter, eggs, sugar, and salt. We let ours rise like soufflé in the oven, then fall while they cool. The center is filled with ganache, a gentle combining of dark chocolate and heavy cream. The eggs are local, the chocolate is Callebaut, and the butter is real. Small wonder we sell so many.