Saint or Sinner?

Traditional v. Cynical

Back in the kitchen, we made up two lists of conversation heart cookies: traditional and cynical. The cynical side was filled in no time. Not Ever.; Really?; Dislike.; and simply...No.

The traditional side took some thinking. Be that as it may, we are all suckers for a good dessert. Sweetheart cherry pie, a luscious chocolate cake, a truckload of heart cookies. Whether you say Be Mine or Meh, say it from scratch, with butter.

Bake Happy.
(Bake Sappy?)

  • Valentines Day Cookies from The Able Baker
  • Call 973-313-1133 or come in to the bakery to order.

  • Valentines Day Chocolate Pound Cake from The Able Baker
  • Be mine!

  • Santa Claus Buys his Elves Gifts from The Able Baker


Call 973-313-1133 to order.

Basket of Conversation Hearts (9)   $18
Big Heart Cookies  $4/ea
Chocolate Heart Cake (6")  $30
Chocolate pound cake covered in a chocolate ganache glaze and bedazzled with raspberries.
Cherry Sweetheart Pie (6")  $12
Linzer Cookies  $1
They’re back!
Heart-topped cupcakes  $34/dz
assorted flavors

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