Back in the kitchen, everyone looks forward to Passover baking. The Passover recipes resurface but briefly and

Dessert Table

Call 973-313-1133 to order.

Coconut Macaroons  $20

Box of 12 Vanilla
Box of 12 Chocolate Drizzle

Pecan Coffee Torte   $34

with or without Cofffee Whipped Cream

Flourless Chocolate Cake

6" or 9",  $20/$30

Other Treats

Blueberry Coffee Cake    $22
Pecan Coffee Cake    $24
Banana Bread    $15
Cranberry-Orange Bread    $16
Zucchini Walnut Bread    $15

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everyone happily volunteers to taste-test when the offerings are chewy macaroons and light-as-air pecan torte.

Our flourless chocolate cake stands alone on the Passover menu as a 52-week favorite, which speaks to the timeless appeal of good chocolate.


Coffee Pecan Torte from The Able Baker

Call or stop in by Monday, March 26th to place your order.

Macaroons from The Able Baker
Flourless Chocolate Cake from The Able Baker